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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Welcome Twitter followers!

Welcome Twitter followers! I've noticed a number of new friends following QuotesBlog on Twitter within the past few weeks, so I figured I'd say hello in case you stopped by over here.

I'm using Twitter to re-purpose quotations from the archives here on a somewhat daily basis.


I suppose I should share a bit more about me, in case this is your first time here. I have assembled a virtual business card, which shows the complete list, but I've included some background below.

I've been blogging since January 2002 and podcasting since August 2005. I now have more blogs than I care to count. Here is more of me, in case you're interested:

And of course you can find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media networks. I'm always open to connect; just let me know how you found me.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel,
Today while surfing I came toyour blogand got impressed with your skills.
Even I have a blog on Quotations. Will you please visit and comment on it ?

Here is the url:


Vicki said...

Hi Daniel. Found you via Tweeter (your quotes page) and thought I'd add you.


Mike Lechmann said...

How is it that you've managed to post from the future? Amazing!

Daniel said...

Hi Mike, there's a setting in Blogger that lets you postdate blog posts. In order to keep this one at the top, I've postdated it far into the future.

By the way, Mitch Joel says, "Just thought I would tell you that because I am in Singapore, I can say - with certainty - that tomorrow is awesome. I am already in it."

Thanks for checking out the site, and make it a great day!


Lynette said...

Hi I am going to add quotesblog and your personal twitter account. I've been reading quotesblog since 2003 or 2004 and you're still doing a great job!