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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Somehow You Found It, Part Deux cross-posted at Journey Inside My Mind

Checking the referrer logs for QuotesBlog, I'm not surprised that a number of the referring pages were web searches. What did intrigue me is what people were searching for. Consider the following:

  • google search: duke of wellingtion on ben franklin
  • yahoo search: quotation compass love
  • daypop search: aaron brown
  • google search 100th Birthday Quotes
  • google search: quotes from sandra day o'connor
  • aol search: quotation and "failure is not an option"
  • google search: Hubert Humphrey quotation society
  • google search: quotation ghandi
  • yahoo search: time flies like an arrow quotation
  • google search: quotes from Father Flanagan
  • msn search: i need a quote
  • google search: quotes belittle ambitions
  • google search: Hannah Senesh Quotation
  • google search: quotes about kurt vonnegut
  • google search: beryl pfizer
  • google search: chuck barris quotes
  • google search: quotation on overcoming obstacles in love
  • google search: margaret mead poem sensitivity
  • google search: Coco Chanel quotation
  • yahoo search: the quote ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances
  • yahoo search: prom quotation
  • google search: proverbs on teamwork and jack welch
  • yahoo search: quotes about rejection
  • google search: quotes growing
  • google search: quote and "a writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult"
  • google search: listener quotes
  • google search: ghandi saying
  • google search: Jack paar quotation
  • google search: woolf friendship quotation
  • google search: father flanagan quotes
  • msn search: blog quotes
  • msn search: quotation lion
  • google search: "see further" stand shoulders quotation
  • msn search: quotation on ignoring your feelings
  • msn search: quotation on ignoring your feelings
  • google search: mark twain quotes vice
  • yahoo search: love ingredient quotation
  • google search:"I do not know what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"
  • msn search: encouraging quotations to success
  • google search: ghandi quotation
  • msn search: quotation about u
  • aol search: sayings of ghandi
  • google search: dag hammarskjold quotation
  • google, ca search: dove and trust
  • google search: Ruckelshaus The family is the building block for whatever
  • google search: clever wine sayings
  • yahoo search: toni morrison and quotes
Somehow you all got there, and perhaps you found what you were looking for. Others decided to link back. For this I thank you.

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